News Release: 2021-10-12: Dani Pokornik joins ourCIO as Partner and vCIO

ourCIO is incredibly pleased and excited to announce our new Partner and vCIO, Dani Pokornik.

Dani has worked with Regional, National, and International organizations to assess and add capability and capacity.? As Executive Advisor, Sports/Lottery Consultant, and Chief Technology Consultant working with lottery providers and state lotteries, he has been involved in successful lottery technology overhauls and product launches. 
As Vice President of Information Technology (CIO) at Western Canada Lottery Corporation, Dani developed corporate strategy and aligned IT strategy and operations.? With 30+ years of experience in security, operations, quality assurance, systems development, project management and as executive sponsor of critical initiatives, he built an international reputation for implementing effective systems and delivering products. 
We are delighted to have Dani join the ourCIO team!

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